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The Economy and Corporate Instability

It doesn't take a financial genius to figure out that the economic times we are living in are some of the worst ever seen in history. The majority of the people you know today probably got a pay cut or actually got laid off. Unemployment rates have reached staggering heights globally. While some may argue that this is a reason not to start a business, online or not, now is the best time to actually do so. Everybody is looking for a job so labor is as cheap as it gets and suppliers are selling for record lows. If there was ever a time to start any business, the time is now.

An Abundance of Funding Options

Gone are the days when banks and family were the only ways to get funds to start a small business. When it comes to an online home based business, the capital needed to start is almost next to zero. In addition to banks and family, today you now have micro-lenders, grants, online crowd funding, and even angel investors. All you need to do is come up with a solid business plan.

Bypass Taxes

One of the biggest reasons that brick-and-mortar businesses suffer is taxes. By going the online business route, you will be avoiding so many taxes, which translates into extra profits. A simple search of the tax benefits you get from running a home based business will show you that you bypass more than half of the usual taxes that you would otherwise be subjected to. 

The Freedom to Pursue Passions

As much as a lot of people will not let this factor into their decision making process, a home based business that you can run on the internet is one of the easiest ways to follow your passions while still achieving success. If you are too scared to open a physical business or follow a passion because other people may judge you, the internet is the way to go. The internet allows you to be almost anyone or anything you want. This gives you all the courage you need to try out your venture without the fear of persecution or unnecessary repercussions. You can try out any business idea you come up with without having to worry what other people will say.

Sometimes an economic downturn can mean an economic upturn for those who know how to take advantage of it. If you have been putting off your online business plans, there has never been a better time to take the leap!.